35 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Find Best Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Do you want some inspiration for a new Bullet Journal Weekly Spread? Then you’re in the right place, here are 35 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas that you’ll love to create in your BuJo.

What is a bullet journal weekly spread?

If you don’t know what a bullet journal weekly spread is, read this first. A Bullet Journal weekly spread/ weekly log/ weeklies are pages in your journal which has distinct sections for each day of the week.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Donuts themed bullet journal weekly spread


Who loves donuts? I definitely do! I love this colorful donut themes weekly spread by @bujoabby. Although it looks as if it’s printed from the computer, @bujoabby made it! If you are feeling artistic, then this is perfect spread to get inspired for your next journal weekly log.

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Ocean themed weekly spread


What a marvelous ocean themed weekly spread! Also, its such an aesthetic and functional spread. It has a separate box for notes you want jot down for the week.

As I said above, you can customize your weekly spread according to your theme. The main components will be the week days section and maybe notes or anything else you wish to add. Adding doodles and coloring it, definitely uplifts the look of your spread.

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Cherry Blossom themed weekly spread


This pretty cherry blossom themed weekly bullet journal spread is my absolute favorite. Spring is my 2nd favorite season after Fall. Cherry blossoms have always made me merry and if you like them too, then you can make a weekly bullet journal spread like this.

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A Butterfly themed daily spread bullet journal


Butterflies are very beautiful to decorate your spreads with. And this bluish weekly is just really attractive. Don’t you think?

There’s also a mini calendar at the corner. Also, if you don’t wish to draw you can definitely use cut-out from magazines or use stickers.

Horizontal bullet journal weekly spread


If you prefer a clean looking bullet journal weekly spread, then try this horizontal look! This spread is simple and doesn’t require a lot of colors or doodling.

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