30 Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads | by NazBlogs

I love creating minimalist bullet journal spreads. They are easy to recreate and consume less time.

Many of us maintain a bullet journal to enhance our productivity. Though I don’t shy from making my bullet journal a little colorful, use washi tapes and design it to give it an elegant look, it can’t be done every month! Because to be honest I lack time and sometimes many of us do. That’s when minimalist bullet journal spreads come to the rescue.

Here you’ll find 30 Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads that are worth trying if you’re beginner or like minimalism in your life!

30 Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads ‘That Are Super Easy’

Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


This minimalist bullet journal weekly spread is so straightforward and easy to create. I love how she has used the simple “April Lettering” and using a different cursive font for the weekdays.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Cover Page


Ahhh!! Simplicity is beauty! I love the Simple & Elegant look of this minimalist bullet journal cover page for august.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Spread


This all-in-one Monthly Spread is all you NEED!

Wow, I really like this layout by Amanda. She has summed up so many things in two pages- a monthly calendar, goals, to-do list & finances log.

You can find more Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads on -https://www.nazblogs.com/30-minimalist-bullet-journal-spreads-you-have-to-try-right-now/

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